Dr. J. Beth Mabry

  • Beth Mabry Professor

    Office Location

    McElhaney Hall, Room 112-E



    • Virginia Tech, BS, Sociology
    • Virginia Tech, MS, Adult Learning
    • Virginia Tech, PhD, Sociology
    • University of Southern California, Postdoctoral Fellowship, Gerontology


    Beth Mabry’s teaching currently centers on undergraduate social research methods and doctoral leadership education courses. Her scholarly work examines issues of stress, coping, and well-being; social roles, identity, and the self; family and intergenerational relationships; the adult life course; and aging and social policy. She teaches courses in research methods, sociology of families, interpersonal dynamics (sociological social psychology), aging and the life course, principles of sociology, as well as leadership theories and applications.

    Mabry serves IUP as an at-large member of the University Planning Council and as an Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects alternate. She was co-chair of the University Scholars Fora for a decade, and works on undergraduate and graduate curricula development for sociology, including Writing Across the Curriculum. She is engaged in mentoring and service roles in the Department of Sociology, as well as in the Administration and Leadership Studies, Nonprofit and Public Sector PhD program at both the Indiana and Harrisburg sites.

    Areas of Research and Teaching Interest

    Aging, Applied Theory and Research, Families, Leadership Theories, Research Methods, Sociological Social Psychology 

    Beth Mabry’s CV

    Completed Doctoral Dissertations and Master’s Theses Chaired

    • Baum Mehu, Jessica S. 2018. Doctoral dissertation. "Social Psychological Influences on Sport-Related Injury Reporting of Collegiate Student-Athletes"
    • Becker, Michael 2013. Doctoral dissertation. "We Make Marines: Organizational Socialization and the Effects of 'The Crucible' on the Values Orientation of Recruits During U.S. Marine Corps Training."
    • Bloom, Renee 2014. Doctoral dissertation. “Leading the Way in Radiography: Radiography Students' Perceptions of Leadership in the Field, Leadership Opportunities, and Themselves as Future Leaders."
    • Daley, Christina 2013. Doctoral dissertation.  “Stemming the Tide of Leadership Instability in Long Term Care: How Worklife Factors and Burnout Contribute to Nursing Home Administrators' Intention to Leave Their Job and Career."
    • Ecklund, Eric. 2014. Doctoral dissertation. “Core Job Dimensions as Predictors of Intended Retirement Timing.”
    • Hoke, Shawn. 2018. Doctoral dissertation. "Do College Presidents Need to Be Academics? Exploring the Relationship Between the Perceived Effectiveness of Institutional Presidents and Their Career Path"
    • Hunter, David A. 2007. Doctoral dissertation. “Why do mentors mentor?: A study of motivations in workplace mentoring.”
    • Jennings-Harris, Lori. 2007. Master’s thesis. “Aging-in-Place: A Prospective Study of Alternate Coping Strategies of Older Persons and Caregivers When In-Home or Community-Based Assistance Becomes Unavailable.” 
    • Kemeny, M. Elizabeth 2010. Doctoral dissertation. "Staff Development of Direct Care Workers in Pennsylvania: The Relationship between Organizational Structure and Culture and Best-Practices in Training."
    • Maroney, Barbara 2010. Doctoral dissertation. "Exploring Non-Traditional Adult Undergraduate Student Persistence and Non-Persistence in Higher Education: A Stress and Coping Model Approach."
    • Tice, Stacey L. 2018. Doctoral dissertation. "Staff Members' Perceptions of the Impact of Performance Measurement on Program Delivery and Organizational Effectiveness in Nonprofit Human Service Agencies"
    • Workinger, Heather. 2011. Doctoral dissertation. “Admissions Policies Governing the Declaration of Academic Major and Academic Advising Models Relating to Student Outcomes in Higher Education.”