2013 Workshop Descriptions

  • Following are descriptions of the workshops offered at the 2013 Women’s Conference and the names of their presenters:

    Leading with Care

    Jen Jones and Theresa McDevitt

    This workshop focuses on caring leadership, which shifts away from traditional self-oriented leadership traits to other-oriented understanding of relationships. Caring leadership recognizes that professional and personal lives have become overly mechanistic, and it seeks to restore the human heart of caring into the foundation of discourse and leadership. Caring leadership offers a new perspective for workplace roles by finding meaning and purpose in authentic practices of engagement with others.

    Raise Your iQ

    Joanne Kuta, IUP Information Technology Services

    Learn how to make your iPhone work smarter for you, not the other way around. This session will cover creative tips to use the apps on your iPhone or iPad, how to find new apps, and other useful info to make your life easier!

    Making the Most of Our Lives through Mindfulness and Meditation

    Bina Soni and Brooke Grant

    The focus of this workshop is on being mindful in every aspect of our lives, personal and professional, with a balanced approach toward our past, present, and future. By being mindful in the moment—while keeping the lessons of the past in mind and the vision for the future as our guide—we can make the most of our lives. Participants will also learn some easy meditation exercises to help them be more mindful of themselves, others, and their environment.

    Office Exercise: In and Out of Your Office

    Roger Briscoe, Indiana YMCA

    Learn ways to integrate exercise into your daily life during your work hours. Find ways to fit in a little exercise while at your desk or on your break time.

    Holistic Living: The Way It’s Supposed to Be

    Barbara Croce

    What is holistic living and how do we do it? Barbara Croce, holistic health practitioner, explains what holistic living is and how every one of us can ease into that simple lifestyle that helps us to reduce stress, lose weight, and feel good about ourselves.

    Urban Gardening: Container Gardens for Health and Relaxation

    Karin Eller, Indiana Garden Club

    This presentation will provide professional advice on how to grow plants in container gardens that maximize the use of scent and color for relaxation purposes.

    Women’s Self-Defense

    Tami Cramer, IUP Police, and Julene Pinto-Dyczewski, IUP Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining

    “NO” is a complete sentence. Come learn personal safety information and moves that may help protect you against assault. Remember that preparation and risk-avoidance techniques are 90 percent of protecting yourself!

    Tai Chi—Expanding Your Life Energy

    David Morris, Sunflower Yoga Studio

    Learn to use your chi (qi)—also known as life energy! Meditation is one of the keys to David Morris’s practice and is done in the sitting position and then in a dance with tai chi. In one 8- to 15-minute movement, you will stretch and use every nerve and muscle in your body. Morris will focus on three centers in the body we can call dan tiens—eye area, abdomen, and chest. He will teach how breathing with movement can spark chi flow in the body. The heart, mind, and body will be centered, open, and fresh after this session.

    Everything in Ever Note

    Tracy Lassiter, IUP English Department

    Are you interested in reducing paper clutter and increasing your organization? Discover all the features of Ever Note, a free online storage program that allows you to clip and save anything from recipes to restaurants to research. Other Ever Note products, like Skitch and Penultimate, allow you to draw on, write, or design images you can share through e-mail and your other devices. This workshop will introduce you to the Ever Note basics and features so you can use it right away.

    Eat ‘Heartily’ and Like It

    Diane Wagoner, IUP Department of Food and Nutrition

    You sure can! Join Diane Wagoner as she reviews the latest dietary recommendations for heart health. The advantages and disadvantages of using different types of fats and oils will be covered as well as other popular diet strategies.

    Financial Planning—Dollar$ and $ense

    Bill Simmons, S&T Bank

    Any financial planning, including planning for retirement, can be much more complicated than just opening an IRA or maxing out your 401(k). Many people find investing for retirement a bigger challenge than dealing with current expenses and savings. In this session, we will go over the challenges we all face as we look ahead and think about the things we need to take into consideration as we plan for those retirement years. You don’t want to outlive your money!

    Vibrant Living

    Molly Shattuck

    Vibrant Living is Molly Shattuck’s philosophy for helping others live healthy, active, and happier lives. It’s a back-to-basics approach to eating healthy, drinking water, exercising, and helping others. This combination of activities creates a virtuous circle that generates the energy and motivation needed to create personal goals and dreams and turn them into reality. Vibrant health is the foundation of the Molly Shattuck Vibrant Living philosophy. There is no secret to being healthy—it’s about making wise, daily decisions regarding exercise and food. Being healthy is about feeling strong, confident, and even sexy. It’s about fueling our bodies and souls with the premium grade ingredients needed to maximize our potential and fulfill our personal goals.

    The Sandwich Generation

    Alicia Pearce, Visiting Nurse Association (VNA)

    This is a workshop designed to be interactive in discussing some of the key aspects of being the caregiver for multiple generations. Topics include the stresses, challenges, and rewards of life in the sandwich, management techniques, and self-care.

    Fit for Life—BoobCamp

    Sue Majoris, Indiana Regional Medical Center

    “I don’t know but I’ve been told, this losing weight is getting old!” Learn about a new project starting soon at IRMC, funded by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Pittsburgh affiliate. Research has linked adult and post-menopausal weight gain to increased post-menopausal breast cancer incidence, recurrence, and mortality. This program is based on Tufts University’s Strong Women Healthy Hearts Research Program.

    Heart Smart—Know Your Numbers

    Veronica Dorsch, Family Medicine physician, Indiana Regional Medical Center

    You may think you know how to keep your heart healthy, but your real “Heart Smart IQ” may be much lower than you think! You will learn about cardiovascular risk factors and cholesterol, which will be broken down so that you can understand what the numbers really mean. This presentation also provides a 3-D experience that lets you surf through your arteries on a journey deep inside your body.