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Spring 2013 Six O’Clock Series

  • The Art of Resistance: A Dialogue between the Civil Rights and Hip Hop Generations
    February 11, 2013: A Black History Month program dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that will feature a panel of speakers from two generations of African American artists and performers.
    In Sisterhood: The Women’s Movement in Pittsburgh
    February 18, 2013: Four local panelists who shared their contributions with the In Sisterhood presentation discuss their contributions to the Pittsburgh feminism movement.
    Leaving Your Legacy
    February 25, 2013: IUP alumnus Tom Baker of Baker Leadership discusses the value of student engagement within the college community.
    Making Your Summer Work for You
    April 15, 2013: A panel of career experts and employers discuss the impact summer employment can have on future career status.
    Science or Religion: Must We Choose?
    March 11, 2013: Must there be a choice between science and religion? A panel made up of scholars from a variety of backgrounds will explain why they each answer this question “NO ” and will then open the floor to questions.
    A Young Atheist’s Survival Guide
    March 25, 2013: National atheist leader Hemant Mehta shares stories of students standing up for their U.S. Constitutional right to freedom from religion.
    Carbon Democracy: Political Power in the Age of Oil
    April 1, 2013: Dr. Timothy Mitchell, a professor of history at Columbia University, discusses the links among democracy, coal, and oil in the past, present, and future.
    Apples To Apples: Evaluating and Comparing First Time Job Offers
    April 8, 2013: Eric Nelson discusses employment benefits, salary negotiation, and answers questions about how to evaluate multiple employment opportunities.
    An Inaugural Celebration
    April 22, 2013: IUP celebrates the inauguration of Dr. Michael Driscoll as university president.
    Social Media: What it does 4 ur career
    What you post online can affect your ability to obtain an internship or job. Social media is a double-edged sword.