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Rules for the New Workplace

  • September 26, 2011

    Let's face the facts . . .

    • The Gold Watch Retirement Party is cancelled.
    • Employment For Life has passed on.
    • Careerealism site's credo "Because every job is temporary" is being confirmed daily.
    • No more boring speeches about how Bob/Jane contributed to the company for the past umpteen years and how we will miss them and how they can now go fishing/travel/spend time with their family, etc.

    The latest statistics prognosticate that you may not just change employers five to seven times, but careers! 

    What is the employee of the New Millennium to do to prepare for this never-ending pattern of change?! Never let your full weight rest on your office chair and keep your personal mementos in a banker box in your car? Invest in a shopping cart and start panhandling?

    How about embracing this new employment contract? Identify the new "rules" and take charge of your career! This informative presentation will introduce you to the key considerations for the New Workplace before us, whether you are the employer or the employee.

    Presented by Barry Davis, director of Career Services, senior consultant, LMA Consulting Group Associates

    Cosponsored by the Career Development Center