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Internship Project Description

  • In partial fulfillment of the requirements for certification as a Supervisor of Pupil Services through the program in School Psychology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), students are required to conduct an applied project in pupil personnel services. The project should be conducted as follows:

    1. Design a pupil services delivery project. Students are required to design a project in pupil services to be implemented in a school setting. The school entity’s (school district, intermediate unit, etc.) current program and needs should be analyzed as part of the planning process and included in the project proposal. In addition, the design should include the following components:
      • A consideration of alternative methods of providing services
      • Methods of integrating the pupil services project into the instructional program
      • Methods by which the project will be monitored (data collection)
    2. Implement a pupil services delivery project. Students should work collaboratively with administrative personnel of the school entity to implement the planned project according to the approved design.
    3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented project. Students are required to monitor the implementation of the project and its measured impact on the target group (e.g., students, pupil service workers, etc.). Both formative and summative measures should be used to arrive at an overall conclusion as to the effectiveness of the project. A final report of the impact of the project along with recommendations for continuation or change of the program is required.
    4. Plan and evaluate staff development needs and resources. The student should address how the implemented project impacts on the staff development needs of the pupil services department, and should analyze the resources available for delivery of the staff development activities.
    5. Create a budget and document expenditures. The student should develop a budget itemizing all expenditures of the proposed project. The budget should be submitted and approved by the administration of the school entity before the start of the project.
    6. Consider all subspecialties of pupil services in the project. Students should demonstrate that they have been completely familiarized with all aspects of pupil services during the course of the internship project, including school psychology, guidance/counseling school nursing, school social worker, and home/school visitor.