Field Experiences

  • Students taking the 39-credit sequence of courses leading to the Supervisor of Pupil Services certificate are exposed early and meaningfully in relevant field experiences that are intended to engage the candidates in a self-reflective mode as they acquire advanced skills in supervision and program operation.

    The professional education program provides evidence that Supervisor of Pupil Services certification candidates are assessed and meet the established program competencies and exit criteria during their participation in 360 hours of authentic simulations, field experiences and a practicum and demonstrate their ability to perform the major task areas of policy determination, program development and supervision, including:

    • Designing and monitoring pupil service delivery systems
    • Constructing alternative methods of providing services
    • Evaluating program effectiveness
    • Identifying staff development needs and resources
    • Planning activities to address the needs of the educational program
    • Integrating pupil services into the instructional program
    • Budgetary planning for delivery of services and personnel development

    In the supervisory sequence of courses, candidates receive direct applied supervised experience in the supervision of pupil personnel services. In EDSP 949 (previously EDSP 750), candidates directly supervise school psychology practicum students in a clinic setting, while taking coursework in principles of clinical supervision and administration of pupil services. Students accrue a total of 100 hours of applied field work in this setting. Candidates observe student clinicians as they conduct full individual child assessments and provide feedback to parents. They evaluate the work of the student clinicians and provide feedback both verbally and in writing, including their appraisal of the student clinician’s strengths and weaknesses. A faculty supervisor oversees the candidate’s supervisory activities, providing direction, consultation and evaluation of the candidate’s performance as a supervisor.

    In EDSP 952 (previously EDSP 751), students undertake an internship in a school setting. For current doctoral students in School Psychology, this internship encompasses 1,300 hours of advanced practice as a school psychologist. At least 260 hours of this experience is dedicated to a project in the supervision of pupil services (see below). Candidates receive direct supervision by a doctoral-level, certified school psychologist as well as a faculty supervisor during this experience. During the pupil services project, the candidate is required to work directly with personnel in the local education agency who are appropriately certificated to supervise pupil service functions. These interactions will include direct observations, case reviews, and face-to-face supervisory sessions. Feedback on supervisory performance is provided by the field supervisors through a formal evaluation process. Faculty supervisors use this information as well as their own observations and interactions with the candidate to evaluate the pupil services project and assign course grades. Sites for the internship experience are reviewed carefully by the director of the program to ensure that all field supervisors hold necessary credentials and certifications to supervise the field experience.

    In both coursework and, especially, in clinic and internship experiences, emphasis is placed on understanding and performing pupil service functions in a multicultural environment in which cultural issues of the community, faculty, and student population are taken into consideration. There is also extensive interface with programs for students with exceptionalities.