School Psychology, Post-Master's Certification Program

  • TOTALLY PREPARED  Matt Ferchalk, a certified school psychologist, says graduating gave him more than credentials. “When you are done, you not only know you have the degree and that preparation, but your contacts here aren't finished. That’s one of the great things about the program.”

    Empower Children to Succeed

    As a school psychologist, you can empower students to succeed in school, home, and community settings. By developing and encouraging safe and supportive learning environments for all students, you help them reach their educational potential.

    The post-master’s certification requirement of 33 credits is designed to provide you with the specific clinical skills needed to function as a school psychologist.

    For a student entering without a master’s degree, the program takes three years attending full time. For a student with a master’s degree in a related field, it takes two years attending full time.

    When you complete the program, you'll receive an Educational Specialist Certificate in School Psychology. This program is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

    Your courses will focus on:

    We are a National Association of School Psychologists approved program
    • Human development
    • Assessment
    • Biological bases of behavior and exceptionality
    • Consultation and counseling

    All students must participate in a practicum and complete a one-year internship.

    Gain Experience With a Practicum or Internship

    For the practicum you’re directly supervised in on-site practical experiences as you apply your skills in a highly structured university clinic setting.

    Full-time internships (which usually come with a stipend) occur during the last academic year of the program. As a student you:

    • Locate school-based internships that are available for those interested in practicing locally or in other parts of the country
    • Have the opportunity to practice using the valuable skills acquired through your intensive training to enhance learning and behavioral outcomes for children in educational settings
    • Are visited by faculty supervisors once each semester

    Graduate assistantships, both in the Educational and School Psychology Department and elsewhere on campus, are available to full-time students on a competitive basis.


    Find out more about the Post-Master’s Certification in School Psychology curriculum.

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    Dr. Mark McGowan, Program Coordinator, Room 246, Stouffer Hall
    Phone: 724-357-2316 

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