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MEd in Educational Psychology: Sample Course Sequence

  • Fall

    EDSP 748 Advanced Studies in Behavioral Problems 3cr

    This course explores behavior problems encountered in classroom situations and gives cause, characteristics, and some preventative and remedial techniques, including those appropriate for managing students with learning and behavioral exceptionalities.

    EDEX 650 Education of Exceptional Persons and Youth 3cr

    Surveys characteristics, definition/identification, and service delivery models for children and youth with disabilities or who are gifted/talented. Considers state and federal policies governing special education program service delivery, as well as the legal rights of individuals with disabilities.

    EDSP 781 Advanced Psychometric Theory 3cr

    EDSP 811 Introduction to School Psychology 3cr

    The professional responsibilities of the school psychologist are explored in relation to ethical and legal aspects, state and federal litigation and legislation, dynamics and organization of regular and special education, issues in multicultural and exceptional child education, and provision of assessment, placement, and intervention services in the public schools. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.


    EDSP 746 Learning and Instruction 3cr

    This course provides an in-depth examination of developmental, cognitive, and interactionist learning theories as they apply to classroom instruction. Emphasis is placed on direct application of theory to the improvement of classroom instruction and the relationship of learning and motivation.

    EDSP 813 Assessment for Intervention II 3cr

    The intent of this course is to provide the student with skills necessary to administer and interpret informal, developmental, perceptual-motor, adaptive, achievement, and other allied measures used in a psycho-educational assessment. Moreover, students should become aware of issues associated with individualizing assessments based upon variables such as ethnicity, SES, gender, medical conditions, and linguistic and cultural differences. Prerequisite: For approved school psychology candidates or permission of instructor.

    GSR 615 Elements of Research 3cr

    Selection of a research problem, data collection, types of research, research reports, and use of the library and computer in connection with research problems are studied. Elements of statistics are introduced. This course provides background for preparation of the thesis and enables the student to become an intelligent consumer of products of academic research. Required for all students working toward the M.Ed. degree.

    EDSP 745 Crisis Intervention and Psychological Counseling of Exceptional Children 3cr

    This course is designed to provide educational psychology students with theoretical background and entry-level skills for counseling children (K-12) who have special needs and to assist their families with adjustment and coping skills. In addition to basic counseling techniques, students will be exposed to best practices in counseling multicultural populations, people with disabilities, and crisis intervention. Emphasis will be on short-term, goal-oriented interventions. The role of the psychologist in the development and practice of the school crisis intervention team will also be addressed, as well as cooperative functioning with other service professionals in the schools.


    EDSP 755 Practicum I 3cr

    This course is designed to provide school psychology students with an opportunity to complete a series of structured observations and interviews in school and community settings pertinent to their understanding of the organization of these settings and the function of a variety of professionals working in these settings. These experiences acquaint students with diverse types of children and refine their understanding of critical issues confronting education. Prerequisite: For approved school psychology candidates or permission of instructor.

    EDSP 704 Advanced Educational Psychology 3cr

    An upward extension of educational psychology with a systematic review of current research and learning theory with emphasis on classroom applications, including studies of the organization, administration, and operation of schools.

    PSYC 781 Special Topics Counseling 3cr