2011 Scholars Forum Award Winners

  • Undergraduate

    Best Poster Awards

    Serena Pitel

    College of Education and Educational Technology
    Mindfulness Based Stress Management

    Matthew Stephenson, Daniel Martin

    College of Health and Human Services
    Trends in Alcohol Consumption: Do Alcohol Habits Transfer from High School to College?

    Thomas Wambach

    College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Firing Techniques and Their Effects on Susquehannock Ceramic Vessels

    Jonathan Henninger

    Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
    The Role of Retinoic Acid in Planarian Regeneration

    Chloe DePaola, Rachel Snyder, Katrina Owens, Sarah Scholl, Julie Cash, Amira Al-Qarqaz

    Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
    What Are You Looking At?: Face and Object Recognition during Infancy

    Best Performance Award

    Kierstin Bolton


    Outstanding Presentation Awards

    Sarah Zambotti

    Investigating DNA Aptamers Binding to IMPDH-Type II Protein Using LIFE Technique

    Alisia Drew

    Love Can Be Colorblind, But Can You?  College Students’ Attitudes toward Interracial Dating

    Raymond Edwards

    One World, One Dream: Gender Equality as a Factor of Success at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

    Jennifer Johnson

    Peru: Issues in Development

    Brittany Allman

    The Effect of Varying Intensities of Aerobic Activity on Physiological and Psychological Well-Being of Breast Cancer Survivors

    Ainyae Stratton

    The Oprah Effect = The “Midas Touch"

    Bridget Widdowson

    The Effects of Minimum Wage and Other Socioeconomic Factors on Poverty

    Best Bibliography Award

    Kierstin Bolton

    Chinese Governance in Xinjian Province: Ethnic Dissatisfaction and Tension with Han Chinese

    Juried Art Exhibition Awards

    Jonathan Burnett

    First Place: Modern Architecture Abstract

    Kyla Groat

    Second Place: Paper Thin

    Alison Terndrap

    Third Place: Watchdogs

    Alyssa Mitchell

    Honorable Mention: The Anthropology of a Bad Idea

    Outstanding Teacher Work Sample Awards

    Allyson Shumar

    Best Overall

    Doug Trenk

    Best Reflection and Intervention

    Brittany Meyer

    Best Assessment

    Sigma Xi Awards

    Donald Miller

    First Place: Anticipatory Physiological Changes Meditate Immediate Cardiovascular Demands at the Onset of Human Exercise

    Mark Smith

    Second Place: Petrographic Characterization of Deformation Mechanisms and Kinematics in Post-Cleavage Faults Accommodating Differential Uplift of the Hsuehshan Range: Taiwan

    John Riggs

    Third Place: The Importance of Interpersonal Connectedness and Shared Subjective Experiences

    Best Computational Science Poster Award

    Daniel O’Hara

    Strain Partitioning Offshore Southeast Taiwan: Evidence from Focal Mechanism Strain Inversions Near the Huatung Ridge

    Business Case Competition Awards

    A) Catelin Shontz, Cory Hay, Cory Ireland and Kelly Randza

    Southwest Airlines in 2008: Culture, Values, and Operating Practices

    B) Grey Berrier, Chelsea Wright, Eddie Cervantes, and Jonathan Reiner

    Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in 2008: Management's Initiatives to Transform the Company and Curtail Wal-Mart Bashing

  • Graduate

    College of Health and Human Services

    First Place: Meigan Robb (Nursing Ph.D.)
    “Self-Efficacy with Application to Nursing Education: A Concept Analysis”

    Honorable Mention: Chris Felts (Criminology M.A.)
    “America’s Madhouse: The Criminalization of the Mentally Ill in the United States”

    College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    First Place: Jeremy Shearer (Administration and Leadership Studies Ph.D.)
    “Leadership Effectiveness in Convergent Social Media”

    First Place: Neal Stidham (English Ph.D.–Lit/Crit)
    “Compiling a Comprehensive Bibliography of Harry Crosby”

    Honorable Mention: Rachel Smith (Sociology M.A.)
    “The Effects of Involvement in a Theatrical Production on the Beliefs and Behaviors of Participants”

    Honorable Mention: Lisa Dugas (Applied Archaeology M.A.)
    “Searching for Social Identity in Monongahela Bone and Shell Artifacts”

    College of Fine Arts

    Gregory Dippell (Music/Performance M.A.)
    “The Cello Repertoire of Mark Summer”

    Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

    First Place: Benjamin Tost (Biology M.S.)
    “Kin Recognition at the Spiderling Level in the Common House Spider, Parasteatoda tepidariorum (Araneae, Theridiidae)”

    Honorable Mention: Shan Min Chin, Chin Hong Siew, Jessica Richards (Biology M.S.)
    “Protocols to Optimize cDNA Synthesis and PCR Cloning of Several M-size Double Stranded (ds)-RNA Fragments from Different Isolates of Rhizoctonia solani”

    College of Education and Educational Technology

    First Place: William Gasior, Brenton Kelly (Comm Media Ph.D.)
    “Designing and Developing a Virtual Tour for an Academic Department"

    Honorable Mention: James Kinneer (Comm Media Ph.D.)
    “Uses and Gratifications of LinkedIn: An Exploratory Study”