2010 Scholars Forum Award Winners

  • Best Poster Awards

    Brianna Robertson (Special Education and Clinical Services)
    College of Education and Educational Technology
    Convergence and Divergence Trends of the Western Pennsylvania Dialect

    Kelsey McCabe, Sara Shafer (Nursing and Allied Health Professions)
    College of Health and Human Services
    Home Assessment and Fall Prevention

    Ayanda Masilela, Mark Turner, Tetsuya Iwase, Zachary Afshar (Geography and Regional Planning)
    College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    A GIS-Based Analysis of Nuisance Properties in Indiana Borough: 2007–2009

    Amanda Stamm (English)
    College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    The Cursed Hounds: A Closer Look at the Hound of the Baskervilles

    Justin Williams (Biochemistry)
    Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
    Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein Purification and Mutagenesis

    Honorable Mention for Research Posters

    Nadia Szymanski (Chemistry)
    Study of the Reaction Mechanism for Asymmetric Reduction of Ethyl Pyruvate over Cinchona-modified Pt/A1203

    Heather Wagner (Chemistry)
    The Sensemaking Process in Mental Models of Chemical Equilibrium

    Outstanding Performance Award

    Sarah Hann (Music)
    Sounds of the Earth: Playing the Udu

    Outstanding Presentation Awards

    Maribeth Corrow (Political Science)
    Misogyny in Ancient Greek Literature

    Tiara Brock-DeShields (Human Development and Environmental Studies)
    Parent-Child Relationships During the First Year of College

    Rachel DeStefano (Biology)
    The Word, Concept, and Image of the Vagina as Underrepresented or Slandered in Society

    Laura Heiman (History)
    Sir Francis Drake’s 1585 Voyage

    Brett Hollabaugh (Economics)
    Determinants of an NHL Defenseman’s Salary

    Paul Lyter (Economics)
    An Analysis of Federal Mine-Safety Legislation and Mine Fatality Levels

    Erin Motter (Communications Media), Victoria Woodland (Management)
    Rural Poverty in Africa

    Odinaka Onovo (Economics)
    Nigeria: Oil, Blood, and Development

    Kelly Shaw (Management)
    Equal Employment in Africa

    Nathan Winters (English)
    Masculinity in the Media: Cross-Cultural Representations of Masculinity

    Honorable Mention for Scholarly Presentations

    Dane Alabran (Mathematics)
    An Effective System for Retrieving Digital Images Using Genetic Algorithms for Similarity Searching

    Xavier Alarcon (English)
    Female Gender Identity in Literature

    Jessica Beere (Psychology)
    Sluts, Studs, and Sexual Double Standards: Responses to Male and Female Targets as a Function of Sexual Partners and Responsibility

    Amber Byas (Biology)
    The Effect of Synaptic Zn2+ within the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus on the Light/Dark Cycle

    Semawit Gezahegn (Accounting)
    Rural Development in Ethiopia

    Christina Lewis (Political Science)
    Impossibility No Longer Exists

    Hayley Markoff (Math)
    Mathematics: Still a Man’s World?

    Rachel Umbel (Physics)
    Loss Processes at Elevated Temperature

    Best Bibliography Award

    Jennifer Cassanova (Chemistry)
    Are Carbohydrates Involved in the Association of Growth Hormone Binding Protein, GHBP, in the Membrance?
    Identifying Binding Partners for Soluble Guanylate Cyclase (sGC) using Transient Transfection into MCF-7 Cells and Immunoprecipitation

    Juried Art Exhibition Awards

    Caitlyn Sukolsky - First Prize

    Joshua Kosker - Second Prize

    Patrick Camut - Third Prize

    Outstanding Teacher Work Sample Awards

    Elizabeth Blumer (English Education)

    Tiffany Cornman (Math Education)

    Drew Moyer (Math Education)

    Sigma Xi Best Science Posters

    Kenneth Glassford - First Place (Biology)
    Tumor Suppressor Gene p53 as a Prognostic Indicator for Prostate Cancer

    Maura Barrett - Second Place (Biology)
    Selective Inhibitors of Human Type II Inosince Monophosphate Dehydrogenase as new Anticancer Drug
    Etg4 and Etv5 are not required for Fgfr2 signaling in the metanephric mesenchyme

    Ashley Rossi - Third Place (tie) (Psychology)
    Cooperation in Vocal Quartet Rehearsal

    Donald Miller - Third Place (tie) (Biology)
    Anticipatory Sympathetic Adjustments and Coordination of Human Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physiological Systems to Physical Activity