2008 Scholars Forum Award Winners

  • Best Presentation Awards

    Awards were presented for the Best Presentation from each of the nineteen concurrent sessions at the forum.

    The best presentation in session winners includes:

    Thomas Melvin & Angelo Manifest 
    Department of Biology
    “Science Where Students Develop Their Own Labs: A Model of Inquiry”

    Lauren Venturino 
    Department of Economics
    “The Practiced and the Preached: An Analysis of State Divorce Rates and Religious Participation”

    Lindy Kopicki 
    Department of Sociology
    “Gender Differences in Preference for Community Pull Factors”

    Jeremy DeLuca
    Department of Music
    “The Evolution of the Marching Arts”

    Janelle Porter 
    Department of Food and Nutrition
    “Local Determinants of Malnutrition in Bolivian Children”

    Beth Leverett 
    Department of Chemistry
    “A Crystallographic Detective Story: Solving the Li2ZnSnS4 Structure”

    Raymond Elliott 
    Department of History
    “Seeking Social Change: The Role of African-American Churches During the Civil Rights Movement”

    Sonya Seitz
    Department of Art
    “Disability Awareness and Documentation Through Art”

    Julianne Gillespie
    Department of Health and Physical Education
    “Physical Activity and Depression/Anxiety Levels”

    Sean Olson 
    Department of Computer Science
    “Measuring Digital Image Similarity Using a New Histogram-Based Approach”

    Loni Yatsko 
    Department of Sociology
    “Buzz Cuts and Poly-Blends: How Lesbian Self-Concepts are Affected by Lesbians in the Media”

    Aaron Treher 
    Department of Art
    “Evolutionary Understanding”

    Alicia Rich 
    Department of Anthropology
    “Who’s the Boss: Female Competition, Conflict, and Alliances During Transfer of Western Lowland Gorilla Females”

    Natalia Kaniasty 
    Department of Theater and Dance
    “Dramatizing Interview Material: Strategies of Documentary Drama”

    Courtney Cullen 
    Department of Art
    “The Critique”

    Mara Iverson
    Department of History
    “Hues of Heresy: A Contextual Analysis of the Galileo Affair”

    Mandy Moser 
    Department of Criminology
    “Juvenile Justice: A review of Juvenile Transfer”

    Laura Heiman 
    Department of History
    “Buying History: A Historical Analysis of Museum Funding” 

    Charles Stanavich
    Department of Political Science
    “Private Military Companies: A Question of Integration”

    Best Poster Awards

    Awards were presented for the Best Poster from each college.

    The best poster award winners include:

    College of Education and Educational Technology
    Stephanie Fitzpatrick
    Department of Special Education & Clinical Services
    “School Counseling Needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing”

    College of Health and Human Services
    Ginger Lucas, Kevin Martincic, & Robert Ritenour
    Department of Criminology
    “Community Re-entry after Imprisonment”

    Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
    Kenneth Glassford
    Department of Biology
    “Roles of p53 and BCL-2 as Localized Prostate Cancer Indicators, using Immunohistochemical Analysis”

    College of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Kasie Pletcher
    Department of Sociology
    “I Can Do Anything You Can Do Better: Gender and Perceptions of Leadership Effectiveness”

    College of Fine Arts
    Jessica Sabol
    Department of Theater and Dance
    “The Beauty Queen of Leenane”: Unearthing a Culture, Cultivating a Story

    Eberly College of Business and Information Technology
    Mallory Blaniar, Anthony Almond, & Paul Valdiserri
    Department of Management
    “The Economic Effects of Mardi Gras on New Orleans Business Structure”

    Robert Roche, Pierino Delli Bovi, Craig Peterson, & Hansen Wijaya
    “Making a Great City Better”

    Best Performance Award

    The award presented for Best Performance was presented to:

    Michael Dooley 
    Department of Music
    “Ilijas: Odd Meter and Odd Technique”

    Best Bibliography Awards

    The IUP Libraries presented awards for the Best Bibliography for a submitted paper or presentation.

    The best bibliography award winners include:

    1st Place Best Overall Sources
    Sasha M. King 

    1st Runner-Up Best Scientific Sources
    Kalin Trevor McDannell 

    1st. Runner-Up Best History Sources
    Gina Anne Russo 

    Honorable Mention Best Innovative Sources
    Lauren Bazala
    Sylvia Choi
    Sean Riffle

    Honorable Mention Best Visual Arts Sources
    Alisha McCurdy 

    Honorable Mention Best Music Sources
    Tracey Baker 

    Undergraduate Juried Art Exhibit Awards

    The College of Fine Arts sponsored the Juried Art Exhibit awards.

    First Place: Jason Brown- “Child in Play”
    Second Place: Matt Madonna- “Reverse Evolution”
    Third Place: Melissa Clutz- “Chestnut”
    Fourth Place: Kyla Groat- “Silhouette”

    Honorable Mentions:
    Stephen Nachreiner- “Wood Stool”
    Joshua Kosker- “The Dreaming”
    Joshua Kosker- “Use Me”
    Stephanie Zini- “The Dance of the Twisted Souls”
    Nicole Adams- “00925457”

    Dean’s Award:
    Jason Brown – “Child in Play”

    Sigma Xi Best Science Poster Awards

    First place for scientific poster presentation
    Antonio Scatena 
    Polymerase Chain Reaction: Amplification of RNA from Tomato Mosaic Virus

    Second place for scientific poster presentation
    Wallach, Jason 
    Social Modulation of HVc auditory response in Taeniopygia guttata, Zebra finch

    Third place for scientific poster presentation
    Williamson, Caitlin 
    Homology Modeling of Influenza A Virus Polymerase Basic 2 Subuint

    Common Freshman Reader Awards

    Common Freshman Reader Essay Winners:
    Nicholas Haynos, First-Year Student Essay Winner
    Ian Duckworth, First-Place Upper Class Student Essay Winner
    Christina Roberts, Second-Place Upper Class Student Essay Winner

    Honorable Mention Essay winners are:
    Anthony Blair
    Marianne Gumbosky
    Jordan Pacific
    Lauren Venturino

    Creative Works Creativity Award recipient is:
    Monika Hofmann

    Creative Works Content Award recipients are:
    Allyson Hale
    Jill Barker