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Student Affairs in Higher Education Courses

Our Student Affairs in Higher Education program includes many engaging required and elective courses for you to complete as your pursue your degree.

Required Courses

SAHE 621 — History of Higher Education in the United States

3 credits

This course will provide an overview of the history and development of higher education in the United States in order to enhance understanding as to how and why the American higher education system has evolved, and in what ways this evolution has impacted the field of Student Affairs.

SAHE 624 — Student Affairs Functions in Higher Education

3 credits

History, philosophy, and goals of student affairs in colleges and universities are explained. Emphasis is on practitioner roles and responsibilities, educational and philosophic assumptions associated with student affairs practice, and principal functional areas normally associated with Student Affairs practices.

SAHE 625 — Student Development in Higher Education I

[Formerly Theories of Personality and Human Development]

3 credits

The course is designed to expose students to a variety of theoretical models underlying human behavior and development. Through presentations, demonstrations, small group discussions, experiential activities, readings, and position papers, students evaluate the practical applications of contemporary personality and human development theories.

SAHE 631 — Student Development in Higher Education II

[Formerly Student Development in Higher Education]

3 credits

Examines personality and human development theories in general and student development theories in specific. Includes environmental management, developmental programming, and assessment. Emphasis is on the concept of “theory to practice.” To be an effective professional practitioner, one must understand the theories upon which the field is grounded.

SAHE 634 — Assessment and Evaluation in Student Affairs

3 credits

This course is an overview of the fundamental principles of assessment and evaluation as they pertain to student affairs. Learning outcomes, data collection and analysis methods, methodological principles, instrumentation in student affairs, and broad issues related to a comprehensive student affairs assessment and evaluation approach will be explored.
Prerequisites: SAHE 621, SAHE 624, and SAHE 625

SAHE 731 — Practicum in Student Affairs

3 credits (Total of 6 credits required for graduation)

The professional training of the student depends heavily on the practicum experience which affords the student an opportunity to gain practical hands-on work experience under the guidance of a student affairs practitioner. Further, the practicum experience will provide leadership in meeting the student's self-educational needs, inspire self-confidence and self-reliance in dealing with students, and encourage a sense of responsibility to those whom he/she serves.

SAHE 733 — Management of Organizational Behavior

3 credits

Examines organizational development principles and provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in program development, budget preparation, goal setting, organization and planning, leadership, group dynamics, supervision, and evaluation.

SAHE 735 — Individual and Group Interventions

3 credits

Students gain practicum experience in skilled helping techniques, including practice in one-on-one interactions, skill in designing and implementing developmental group interventions (workshops), and developing mentoring relationships. Students apply theoretical learning to practical application.

SAHE 737 — The American College Student

3 credits

An examination is made of the culture of undergraduate students in American higher education to prepare professionals for the clients they will serve. Focus is given to the changing student clientele and its subgroups and cultures. Undergraduate characteristics, attitudes, and values and broad issues regarding their participation in the educational experience will be explored.

SAHE 740 — Contemporary Issues in Higher Education

3 credits

The course is designed to expose students to a variety of current issues in higher education that have a dramatic impact for the student affairs profession and on our work as student affairs educators. Strategies to address major issues are discussed.

SAHE 795 —Thesis *

3-9 credits

*Students have the option of waiving the thesis requirement and taking six credits of electives.


SAHE 638 — Topical Areas in Student Affairs

3 credits

This course provides the graduate student an opportunity to examine areas of content related to the study of student affairs (e.g. technology, academic governance, small colleges, and the community college) in higher education that have an impact on the student affairs profession and the work of practitioners.

SAHE 640 — Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Higher Education

[Formerly Cultural Pluralism in Higher Education]

3 credits

This course is designed as an overview of cultural pluralism in higher education. It examines the projected demographic realities for the groups traditionally termed “minority” and explores notions of culture, oppression, racial identity, and multicultural organizations. Exposure to these issues will occur in both the theoretical and personal realms.

SAHE 646 — Interpersonal Sensitivity

3 credits

Participants explore their own interpersonal interaction style in groups and individually. Human potential will be developed as students enter into authentic, honest, and trusting relationships within the context of a small group, encouraging recognition and expression of feelings as a way of understanding oneself and one's impact on others.

SAHE 648 — Student Success in Higher Education

3 credits

Explores the concept of “student success” and experiences that are noted to lead to success, as defined more broadly than simply high grades in college. Emphasis is on high impact practices and the needs of various student populations that can be addressed through higher education and student affairs professional work, leading to student success.

SAHE 713 — Legal Aspects of Student Affairs

3 credits

This course addresses legal issues confronted by student affairs practitioners, how to recognize these issues, and how to act within the parameters of the law.

SAHE 727 — Spirituality in Higher Education

3 credits

This course explores the intersection of spirituality with the learning, growth, and development that takes place as a function of participating in higher education. Students will address questions about faith and spiritual development (including their own), various dimensions of religious and spiritual expression and traditions, and how colleges and universities can incorporate spirituality as a function of higher education.

GSR 615 — Elements of Research

3 credits

Selection of research problem, data collection, types of research, research reports, and use of the library and computer in connection with research problems are studied. Elements of statistics are introduced. This course provides background for preparation of the thesis and enables the student to become an intelligent consumer of products of academic research.