Mueller Publishes on Measurement of Privileged Identity Exploration

Posted on 8/30/21 1:25 PM

John Mueller, professor in the Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education, co-published a research article titled “Measuring Privileged Identity in Educational Environments: Development and Validation of the Privileged Identify Exploration Scale” in Frontiers in Education.  

Using exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, the study identifies four types of privileged identity exploration (PIE) that students exhibit when interacting across social differences.  The article discusses future directions for PIE research and applications to training in educational settings. 

This two-part, multi-campus study was conducted with a research team at the University of Iowa, led by Dr. Sherry Watt.  The article is available online with the link above.  

Frontiers in Education publishes peer-reviewed research in specialty areas including Leadership in Education, Special Educational Needs, and Assessment, Testing and Applied Measurement.