Lowery Publishes Book Chapter in “Student Conduct Practice”

Posted on 2/13/20 4:26 PM

Stident Conduct Practice bookcover John Wesley Lowery, professor and chair in the Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education, authored a chapter in the recently released second edition of Student Conduct Practice: The Complete Guide for Student Affairs Professionals.

Since the publication of the first edition of Student Conduct Practice in 2008, the landscape of student conduct has matured and shifted dramatically. As the composition of the overall population and of the student body on campuses across the nation has changed, institutions of higher learning have a greater awareness of the importance of preparing students to function competently in a diverse society. They are seeing student behaviors, such as challenging mores, rules, and policies, that reflect the growing polarization and complexity we see in our larger society, and such trends as a marked increase in student mental health challenges as well as changing social dynamics, all of which require a new awareness and a rethinking of policies and responses by conduct professionals, including embracing social justice as a lens by which we perform our work.

Lowery's chapter is titled “Laws, Policies, and Mandates.” He describes the legal and regulatory framework within which student conduct. For more information on Student Conduct Practice: The Complete Guide for Student Affairs Professional, visit Stylus Publishing.