Retired and Emeritus Faculty

  • Jim Laughlin
    Dr. Jim Laughlin

    Faculty Member 1972–89
    Dr. James Laughlin was a faculty member in the Student Personnel Services (SPS) program from 1972–89.

    Dr. Barry Jackson

    Faculty Member 1985–80  
    Dr. Jackson became the first full-time faculty member and coordinator of the SPS program in 1985. Dr. Jackson remained on the faculty until 1989.

    Ron Thomas
    Dr. Ron Thomas

    Chair and Faculty Member 1970–99
    Emeritus Faculty Member  
    Dr. Thomas worked professionally for IUP for 29 years. In 1970, Dr. Thomas worked as the dean of Men, and in 1980 until 1988, he worked as the executive director of University Relations. In 1988, he joined the Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) faculty as a full-time faculty member. In 1996, he became the first department chair and served for 11 years before retiring in 1999.

    Dr. Jeffery Cinnamond

    Assistant Professor and coordinator 1989–91  
    Dr. Cinnamond served as an assistant professor and coordinator for three years.

    Ron Lunardini
    Dr. Ron Lunardini

    Chair and Faculty Member 1991–2008
    Emeritus Faculty Member  
    Dr. Lunardini spent 36 years working at IUP. He worked 19 years as an administrative faculty member and 17 years as a full-time teaching faculty member in SAHE. In 1991, Dr. Lunardini joined the faculty full time. He also served as chair of SAHE from 1999 until his retirement in 2008.

    Dave Decoster
    Dr. David DeCoster

    Faculty Member 1994–99  
    Dr. Decoster started his career at IUP as the vice president for Student Affairs in 1985 until 1994. In 1994 he joined the SAHE faculty. He retired in 1999.

    Linda Hall
    Dr. Linda Hall

    Chair and Faculty Member 1997–2012
    Emeritus Faculty Member   
    In 1982, Dr. Hall began at IUP as director of Housing and Residence Life and served in this role until 1986 when she was promoted to assistant vice president for Student Affairs. Dr. Hall joined the SAHE faculty in 1997 as an associate professor. She became department chair in 2008 and retired in 2012. 

    Holly Belch

    Dr. Holley A. Belch

    Faculty Member 1999–2017

    Dr. Belch spent 18 years working in the Student Affairs in Higher Education Department at IUP.  Her research interests were focused on students with disabilities and specifically psychiatric disabilities, the recruitment and retention of entry-level housing professionals, and the issues and concerns of middle managers in student affairs. Belch has published several journal articles in leading publications in our field and authored several book chapters.