Credit Transfer Agreement

  • Credit Transfer Agreement

    Department of Kinesiology, Health, and Sports science and EMT Training Program-Institute for Rural Health and safety, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

    This document is to certify, for the Office of Admissions–Transfer Services, that the Department of Kinesiology, Health, and Sports Science of Indiana University of Pennsylvania will accept the EMT Certificate from the EMT Training Program–Institute for Rural Health and Safety, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, as up to four hours of academic credit.

    The following courses may be transferred in alone or in the combinations designated below:

    • KHSS 175 — Prevention and Care of Injuries to the Physically Active 2c-01-2cr
    • KHSS 242 — Emergency Health Care 1c-2l-1cr
    • KHSS 319 — Pre-professional Experience 3c-01-3cr
    • KHSS 242 — Emergency Health Care 1cr-2l-1cr

    To receive the academic credit, the student must present the official EMT Certificate to the Office of Admissions-Transfer Services along with this Transfer Credit Form from KHSS


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