Minor in Military Leadership

  • A military student in uniform stands among a seated crowd with his hand raised

    Military Leadership Minor Serves Double Duty

    Students in many majors are required or encouraged to add a minor. Military science students accepted into upper-level classes have access to the military leadership minor.

    You can earn this minor—and strengthen your resume—with courses you’re already taking as part of your ROTC and liberal studies requirements.

    Military Science Topics Covered

    The Minor in Military Leadership helps prepare you to execute the duties of a commissioned officer in the United States Army. You’ll take four military science courses that focus on:

    • military teamwork
    • leadership
    • management
    • physical preparedness

    Your studies will include selections from the US Army Chief of Staff’s professional reading list.

    You’ll also take two classes exploring interpersonal self-awareness and social relations in groups and organizations.

    Combine with Any Major

    The Minor in Military Leadership is available to students with any academic major. Majors that pair well with this minor include:

    • Criminology
    • Geography
    • Journalism
    • Political Science
    • Spanish