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Respiratory Care: For Current Students

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    Student Information Handbook

    Announcements and News

    Make a commitment to academic success this semester and set a goal to make the dean’s list! To achieve this status you must earn at least a 3.25 GPA for the semester. Check the Department of Developmental Studies website for the fall schedule of tutorials, supplemental instruction sessions, and workshops designed to help students prepare, advance, and excel.

    Contact Information

    Dr. Joyce Shanty
    Associate Professor
    Allied Health Coordinator
    Johnson Hall, Room 243
    1010 Oakland Avenue
    Indiana, PA 15705-1063
    Telephone: 724-357-7647
    Fax: 724-357-3267

    Ms. Sherry Kelly
    Allied Health Secretary
    Johnson Hall, Room 244
    1010 Oakland Avenue
    Indiana, PA 15705-1063
    Telephone: 724-357-7647
    Fax: 724-357-3267

    Allied Health Coordinator Office Hours for the Fall 2013 Semester

    Monday: 8:00–9:00 a.m.
    Tuesday: 9:00–10:00 a.m. and 1:30–3:30 p.m.
    Wednesday: 9:00–10:030 a.m.
    Appointments are appreciated.

    Allied Health Department Office Hours

    Monday through Friday
    8:00 a.m.–Noon
    1:00–4:30 p.m.

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    Advising Information

    Your Advisor

    The Allied Health Coordinator is the academic advisor for all respiratory care students.


    Registration for the Winter session and Spring semesters begins in mid-October. Registration for Fall semester and Summer sessions begins in mid-March. Schedules are available through MyIUP and are typically posted several weeks before the registration period begins.

    Respiratory care students receive early registration times each semester and are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to get the best schedule possible. Students must schedule an appointment to meet with the allied health coordinator each semester to discuss academic progress and plans for the next semesters. At that meeting students will receive their alternate Personal Identification Number (PIN) needed to access the registration system. Students may view the date and time when they can begin to register by logging into MyIUP. Sign-up times for advising appointments are posted in mid-February and mid-September and advisees are notified by e-mail when advising appointments begin.


    While students are at The Western Pennsylvania Hospital School of Respiratory Care, advising information is typically shared by e-mail and regular mail. Students are expected to check their IUP e-mail frequently and use their IUP e-mail address when sending e-mail to anyone in the IUP community. Important and helpful information is sent to students from the coordinator, secretary, registrar, and others. Assistance with the use of the IUP e-mail system and other technology support is available at the IT Support Center.

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    Resources and Information


    MyIUP provides links to a wide variety of information and resources, including the academic calendar, schedules, financial aid and billing, grades, how to calculate a grade point average (GPA), and details about graduation.

    Academic Support

    Tips for success

    • Get organized: Keep a detailed calendar with assignment due dates, exams, and other important dates. Block off study time and prepare for exams and assignments in advance.
    • Make academic success a priority: Do your work first and there will be plenty of time to get involved in campus, community, and social activities.
    • Seek Help to Succeed and Excel: IUP offers outstanding academic support services that help students be successful in their classes. Meet with your professors during their office hours and take advantage of workshops, supplemental instruction, tutors, and the Writing Center.

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    Coursework at Another College or University

    Many students plan to take courses during the summer at other colleges or universities. This excellent strategy allows students to take a lighter course load during the academic year, pursue a special area of interest, or stay on track for progressing to the School of Respiratory Care. Students interested in registering for courses at other colleges or universities should follow the steps listed below:

    1. Meet with the allied health coordinator to discuss options.
    2. Use the Online Credit Evaluation System to check course equivalency.
    3. Contact the other college or university for details about schedules, registration, tuition, etc.
    4. Submit an Application for Pre-Approval of Coursework At Another College or University (form is available in the department office).
    5. Earn a C or higher grade to have credits posted to IUP transcript.
    6. Request an official transcript be sent to IUP Admissions Office, Credit Evaluation, 117 Sutton Hall, 1011 South Drive, IUP, Indiana, PA 15705.
    7. If you cannot find an equivalent course, ask the allied health coordinator about possible substitutions.
    8. If you plan to complete BIOL 150 Human Anatomy and/or BIOL 151 Human Physiology at another college or university you must be certain the courses are equivalent to the IUP courses. Many colleges and universities offer these courses as Anatomy and Physiology I and II. If so, you must complete both I and II at that college or university to have the courses posted to your IUP transcript as BIOL 150 and BIOL 151.

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    Learn More About Respiratory Care

    Consider the following actions that will help you become acquainted with the profession:

    1. Contact any hospital and inquire about a tour and/or shadow experience with a respiratory therapist.
    2. Contact the program director at The Western Pennsylvania Hospital School of Respiratory Care with specific questions about the respiratory care courses.
    3. Ask the allied health coordinator how to contact a student currently in respiratory care courses who is available to answer questions and offer suggestions.
    4. Become familiar with your future professional organization, the American Association for Respiratory Care.

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    Progression to The Western Pennsylvania Hospital School of Respiratory Care

    Students meet regularly with their academic advisor while at IUP. At these, meetings progress toward meeting academic requirements for clinical placement is carefully reviewed and discussed. Students are expected to earn a minimum grade point average of at least 2.25 in math and science courses and a minimum overall 2.0 grade point average to secure a seat at The Western Pennsylvania Hospital School of Respiratory Care. C or higher grades in BIOL 150 Human Anatomy, BIOL 151 Human Physiology, and the math course will help students succeed in respiratory care courses.

    The advisor meets with the program director and clinical coordinator from the School of Respiratory Care at the end of each Spring semester to make clinical placement decisions. Students receive written communication from both IUP and the School of Respiratory Care informing them of placement decisions and providing appropriate detail about the additional clinical year requirements. In some cases, the clinical placement decision is contingent upon successful completion of summer course work.

    Once accepted into the clinical phase of the program, the director at the School of Respiratory Care provides students with detailed information about additional requirements. Typically, these requirements include:

    • CPR certification
    • Criminal Record and Child Abuse History clearances
    • Professional liability insurance
    • Lab equipment
    • Health screening, including a physical exam, blood work, immunizations and urine drug screens
    • Uniforms and lab coats
    • Clinical equipment, including a stethoscope, scissors, hemostats, and goggles

    Students must also independently complete instruction using a medical terminology book prior to beginning the first respiratory classes. Health care insurance is strongly recommended. Costs associated with these items are the student’s responsibility.

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    Information for Students at the School of Respiratory Care

    Advising and Registration

    The allied health coordinator will email or mail advising memos and alternate Personal Identification Number (PIN) to students while they are at the School of Respiratory Care. Students may contact the allied health coordinator by e-mail or phone with additional questions.

    Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

    During the final two years of study, students pay tuition and fees directly to The Western Pennsylvania Hospital and are also required to purchase additional items. An approximate cost for tuition and associated additional expenses is $9,500 per academic year. During the semesters that students are at The Western Pennsylvania Hospital, IUP bills the student each semester for a $32 registration fee.

    Students may apply for financial aid during the clinical phase of study through IUP’s Office of Financial Aid. Amounts of financial awards will vary depending on several factors.

    Registering for RESP 342

    Students must register for RESP 342 (Preceptorship for Respiratory Care) each semester during registration if they plan to participate in a preceptorship experience. It is the student’s responsibility to register/drop/withdraw from this course consistent with university deadlines.


    Undergraduate students are required to apply on line for graduation in their next to final semester of enrollment. Students must apply for graduation regardless of their plans to participate in IUP’s commencement ceremony.

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