Certificate in Gerontology

  • A student nurse takes a blood pressure reading on a mannequin

    Study Aging from an Interdisciplinary Approach

    Completion of the gerontology certificate may further strengthen the student’s major program of study and prepare the graduate for one of many careers in aging. Students majoring in nursing, psychology, and sociology often find the gerontology certificate program to be of particular interest and benefit.

    The Gerontology Curriculum

    The 21-credit program includes three core courses and three elective courses. In some cases, courses completed for a student’s major or Liberal Studies requirements may also meet the core and/or elective requirements for the gerontology certificate program.

    The gerontology certificate culminates with a required three-credit internship that provides supervised learning experiences in an agency or program serving older adults. The internship may be registered for as GERN 493 or as an internship in the student’s major.

    Professionals in the Field of Aging Work in Many Settings

    Professionals in the field of aging work in a variety of settings, including community, human service, and health care facilities. Some professionals work directly with older adults, while others work on the behalf of older persons by conducting research, planning services, teaching courses, designing products, or advocating for legislative or institutional policies related to older adults.

    Some professionals devote themselves full time to the field of gerontology, but there are also many opportunities to divide time between gerontology and other areas of professional interest. Many career opportunities in gerontology are among the fastest growing occupations in the country.