Research Institute Subcontracts

The Research Institute provides full-service subcontracting in support of sponsored programs. In cases where it is not possible or desirable to perform all aspects of a sponsored program at IUP, the Research Institute is able to enter into subcontract agreements with collaborating companies, institutions, and other organizations.

Subcontract Requirements

Sponsor Approval

The Research Institute is required to obtain written approval from the funding sponsor prior to entering into any subcontract agreement. The only exception to this requirement is when a specific subcontractor was identified in the funding proposal approved by the sponsor

Statement of Work

IUP's principal investigator should work closely with subcontractor's technical point of contact to formulate the subcontract Statement of Work (SOW). The SOW should include the time, date, and location of performance or delivery of any items, products, services, reports, data, or documents the subcontractor is to provide and a detailed description of each.

Detailed Budget

Subcontractor is required to submit a detailed budget quotation for the work shown in the Statement of Work. Cost/price quotations should be prepared in accordance with subcontractor's established institutional policies and procedures as well as any cost principles or proposal preparation guidelines that may apply to IUP Research Institute's prime proposal, e.g., OMB Circular A-21, FAR, DFAR, etc. A copy of subcontractor's federally negotiated F&A rate agreement or other substantiating documentation is required if indirect costs are included in subcontractor's proposal.

Other requirements may apply depending upon the nature of the work, the anticipated value of the subcontract, and the method of subcontractor selection. To initiate a subcontract through the Research Institute, please contact your grant and contract specialist.


IUP Research Institute staff are available to assist IUP Researchers with finding, applying for, securing, and managing externally funded projects.


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