Research Experience for Summer Scholars Program

  • Students can participate in the cutting-edge research and scholarship being conducted at IUP this summer, June 3–August 8, during the annual Research Experience for Summer Scholars (RESS) Program.

    The RESS program is open to students in all disciplines who are engaged in original inquiry based research, scholarship, and creative endeavors. This free program promises some of the best networking opportunities and professional development events during your time at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Many participants will be eligible to receive funding to offset summer living expenses. You will be amazed by the resources available to you and the quality of research right here at IUP. Many exciting frontiers are being explored, and you can be a part of it all!

    Submit a proposal through the 2019 RESS application in InfoReady Review

    Review the list of Program Events

    Reasons Why a Summer Research Program Can Benefit You:

    1. Gain experience in your field of study through hands-on research with one-on-one faculty engagement.
    2. Increase your confidence in relating information in and out of your main field of study.
    3. Improve your chances at getting into graduate school or employment in the industrial sector.
    4. Make valuable and long-lasting connections by practicing teamwork, leadership, and interpersonal skills.
    5. Create a well-rounded resume, and be a part of a publication or report.
    6. Present research material that you generated

    Check out the RESS poster

    Students from all majors in the university with GPAs above 2.0 are welcome to apply. Applications for those seeking funding are due March 22, 2019 (those not seeking funding may apply up to May 3, 2019). Financial assistance is limited, so apply early.