Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award

  • Outstanding Graduate Student Research Awards

    Mr. David Chambers
    Department of Biology
    Occurrence of Salmonella Serotypes in Reptiles and Amphibians of Indiana County , Pennsylvania
    Dr. Arthur C. Hulse, Advisor

    Ms. Jennifer James
    Department of Criminology
    Denying Murder: The Neutralizations and Rationalizations of Serial Murderers
    Dr. Jennifer Gossett, Advisor

    Ms. Carla Mancuso
    Department of Food and Nutrition
    Registered Dietitians' Beliefs, Knowledge, and Professional Recommendations Regarding Dietary Supplementation
    Dr. Rita Johnson, Advisor

    Ms. Kelli McLeod
    Department of Counseling
    School Counselors' Work With LGBQ Students: Barriers and Supports to Programmatic and Responsive Services
    Dr. Lorraine Guth, Advisor

    Dr. Amanda Pelphrey
    Department of Psychology
    Stress-related Growth Following Natural Disaster: A Longitudinal Investigation of a 1997 Flood in Poland
    Dr. Krys Kaniasty, Advisor