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Scheduling Instructions and Additional Information

  • Scheduling Instructions

    • Sign into MyIUP using your IUP network account
    • Click the Academics link
    • In the Course Registration and Textbooks section, click View the University-Wide Class Schedule
    • Prior to registering, it is recommended that all students refer to the View the University-Wide Class Schedule . This will display the most recent overall listing of courses that are being offered.
    • To begin the registration process, click Class Changes .
    • Select a term.
    • Enter your Alternate PIN.

    You may begin searching for open sections of courses for which you wish to register. There are several search options available to you.

    • You must select a subject and should select the appropriate campus by using the Advanced Search.
    • The remaining items can be used to narrow your search but are not required.
    • Scroll down the page and select Section Search .
    • The CRN is a unique number used to identify a particular section of a course. To register for a class, check the box in front of the CRN and select “Register” at the bottom of the classes that are listed.

    You will then see that you are either registered for the course or you will see an error message describing why you could not register for the course. If you receive an error message, you must select a different section or a different course.

    Repeat the process of searching for a class by selecting Section Search and then registering until you have completed your schedule. You may select “Return to Menu” in the upper right corner and then select Student Detail Schedule to see your course schedule complete with meeting times, location, and instructor. You should print this for your records.

    • Be sure to select Exit to leave the system, then exit your Web browser.
    • Periodically there are changes to the semester schedule. Check your detailed schedule prior to the start of the semester.
    • Prerequisite requirements will be strictly enforced. If a course requirement is that a grade of “C” or better is earned in the prerequisite course, then this enforcement is applied following the grading of the prerequisite course.
    • You must contact the chairperson of the department in which the course section is offered to obtain permission to register for courses that are designated “permission required.”
    • Waitlisting in Web Registration

    Additional Information

    User ID number: This number is your permanent student identification number. It appears above your picture on your I-Card.

    Alternate PIN: Undergraduate students must obtain their alternate PIN from their academic advisors. General requirements for the School of Graduate Studies and Research are set forth in the Graduate Catalog.

    Making Schedule Adjustments: All students may make schedule adjustments from their initial time appointment until the end of the official drop/add period, using MyIUP. If any exceptional circumstances exist beyond the end of the drop/add period, undergraduate students must consult the dean of the college of the student’s major. General requirements for the School of Graduate Studies and Research are set forth in the Graduate Catalog.

    Obtaining Permission to Enroll in Closed or Restricted Courses: Undergraduates must consult the department offering the course. Once a permit is issued, the student must still register for the course in MyIUP. General requirements for the School of Graduate Studies and Research are set forth in the Graduate Catalog.

    Time Conflict Courses: Undergraduates must complete a Time Conflict Resolution Form. This form is required if there are two classes conflicting in time. For example, one class begins at the same time another class ends. Forms can be secured from the Scheduling Center, located within the Office of the Registrar, third Floor of Clark Hall, or from one of the departmental offices of the conflicting courses.

    Permission to Take Excess Credits

    Individual Course Withdrawal

    Total University Withdrawal 

    D/F Repeats

    Pass/Fail Permission