Center for Applied Psychology FAQ

What is my first step if I want to obtain psychological services from the Center for Applied Psychology (CAP)?

Individuals wanting CAP services or desiring to make an appointment should call the CAP office at (724) 357-6228. Appointments for children under the age of 14 should be made by parents or legal guardians. Background information and/or prior evaluations may be provided for referred clients only with their consent.

Who receives services at the CAP?

The CAP is designed to provide clinical, education, consultative, and research services to individuals, families, agencies, and organizations throughout Indiana and surrounding counties.

Do you provide emergency services within the CAP?

The CAP does not provide emergency services but it can make a referral to another facility or mental health professional.

Do you accept insurance reimbursement for services?

The CAP does not accept insurance reimbursement but receipts for reimbursement are provided. In addition, a sliding scale payment fee is used to arrive at a fee-for-service based on the annual income of the family and the number of dependents in the family. The Assessment Clinic, on the other hand, has a set rate for type of assessment performed.

Who are the therapists in the CAP?

Most of the therapists in the CAP are doctoral students: professionals in advanced training. Therapists are supervised by an IUP faculty member who is a PA licensed psychologist.

Do you have evening appointments?

Yes, and appointments are scheduled throughout the day.

What are the fees for CAP services?

Fees depend upon the type of service provided and are based on a sliding scale. The CAP is a non-profit educational facility and strives to offer its services as inexpensively as possible. Fees may be paid through IUP's Marketplace.