Eligibility for Enrollment

  • Before enrolling in Professional Sequence II (PSII), students should have completed the coursework that takes place prior to the PSII semester, as outlined on the course sequence sheet for their major. The prerequisites for EDUC 342 are: EDUC 242 and admission to junior standing. It is highly recommended that all required science courses be taken prior to PSII. Students should consult with their advisor to determine if they are ready to take PSII.

    Priority for enrollment in PSII will be given to students who need PSII immediately before student teaching and graduation. If there are more students who apply for PSII than seats available, credits earned may also be used to determine acceptance into PSII.

    Students are required to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in order to register for Professional Sequence II.

    Students must have all required current clearances, TB test, and liability insurance on file in the Teacher Education Office in order to stay enrolled in PSII. The deadline for these items to be submitted is the first Friday of the semester for which they are registered for PSII.

    When scheduling for the Professional Sequence II core, students must honor scheduling in accordance to the cohort to which they have been assigned. Students receive the course numbers and section numbers in the mandatory meeting conducted prior to scheduling and registration.

    Other Considerations

    1. Students must be careful in scheduling courses that are taken in addition to their Professional Sequence II courses. Students cannot take any non PSII-course, or have other obligations such as work, prior to 5:00 p.m., Monday–Friday.
    2. PSII courses typically run for 10½ weeks, and the full-time field experience takes place for approximately the last 4½ weeks of the semester.
    3. Students are responsible for finding their own transportation to field experience sites. Placements may be made approximately 60 minutes from the IUP campus.
    4. The PSII calendar provides the specific dates of coursework, classroom visitations, professional meetings, final exams, and the field experience. Students must follow the PSII calendar provided.
    5. Students need to consider that the Professional Sequence II core is rather demanding and time intensive.
    6. Prior to taking PSII, students must attend a meeting conducted during the semester prior to eligibility for enrollment in Professional Sequence II. Students may check the bulletin board on the third floor of Davis Hall for notices regarding this meeting.
    7. Students must complete a data sheet during this meeting, which is used for purposes of ensuring eligibility as well as initiating the data gathering required for field placement.
    8. At this meeting, students will be assigned to a “cohort” and will receive the course numbers and sections which will be made available to them during the registration process. Students need to take their cohort information sheet with them when they meet with advisors to complete Professional Sequence II scheduling. Students must enter the correct course number and section to which they have been assigned—they cannot enroll in a course from another cohort group.
    9. In order to stay enrolled in Professional Sequence II, students must have the required current documentation on file in the Teacher Education Office, 104 Stouffer Hall, by the close of business on the first Friday of the semester. This documentation must be current and includes all required clearances, TB test, and liability insurance.
    10. Students who do not have the required documentation submitted by the deadline must drop PSII courses. It is imperative to adhere to drop/add deadlines in this situation.