Adult and Community Education/Online, MA

  • The online Adult and Community Education master’s program adds a versatile graduate degree to your qualifications. Students of the program share how the program gave them a convenient, cost-effective education that enhanced their credentials.

    Master of Arts in Adult and Community Education

    We offer this program 100 percent online so you can align your professional advancement with your life and career.

    It’s rare that students in our Master of Arts in Adult and Community Education program have time for classes during the day. Our students are nurses, police officers, community organizers, corporate managers, engineers, technicians, and human resource professionals. Though from many fields, they’re alike in one way: They're busy people who want to expand their career opportunities.

    That’s why we offer this two-year program online so you can keep your job while you develop your teaching and training skills.

    You’ll be part of a cohort, and courses are designed to promote a high degree of interaction with your professor and fellow students. In addition, you’ll have the time and guidance to make sure you develop your unique set of skills that will help further your individual career goals.

    The IUP Master of Arts in Adult and Community Education is the oldest program of its kind in the United States.

    • Acquire a balance of academic courses, individual research, and practical field experience from this 36-semester-hour program.
    • Complete the program part-time in two years by taking two courses per semester for six semesters.
    • Choose whether you want to complete the thesis or non-thesis option.
    • Complete a required six-semester-hour theory-to-practice internship that enables you to transfer what you've learned in class to a real-world setting. You'll develop a “learning contract” which is approved by a faculty advisor and a supervisor at the internship site. You'll be able to complete the internship without its interfering with your current employment.

    Contact the Program Coordinator

    Contact Professor Jacqueline McGinty at or 724-357-2470.