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Public Affairs Degree Requirements

  • With concentrations in Planning and Regional Development, Human Services Administration, Human Resources Management, Local Government Management, International Development Administration, and Criminal Justice Administration, the MAPA program requires 36 or 39 graduate credits, including a thesis or an internship.

    Students develop a core competence in methodology and in public administration and also select one of six interdisciplinary field specializations.

    A student whose undergraduate transcript shows “B or better” performance in a Research Methods in Political Science course may petition the MAPA program for exemption from PLSC 500.

    The MAPA Program consists of the following courses:

    Public Affairs 36-39 credits

    1. Methodology Core 6-9 credits

    PLSC 500 Research Methods in Political Science [1] (3 credits)
    PLSC 674 Analytical Techniques (3 credits)
    CRIM 605 Research Methods (3 credits)
    GEOG 612 Quantitative Techniques in Geography and Regional Planning (3 credits)
    GSR 615 Elements of Research (3 credits)
    SOC 665 Microcomputing Applications in Sociology (3 credits)

    2. Public Administration Core 12 credits

    PLSC 570 Introduction to Public Administration (3 credits)
    PLSC 666 Public Policy Analysis (3 credits)
    PLSC 668 Public Sector Financial Administration (3 credits)
    PLSC 671 Seminar in Public Administration (3 credits)

    3. Field Specializations 15 credits

    Students must select one of the following with advice from the graduate adviser:

    • Criminal Justice Administration
    • Planning and Regional Development
    • Human Services Administration
    • Human Resources Management
    • Local Government Management
    • International Development Administration.

    4. Directed Research Requirement 3 credits

             PLSC 698 Internship
             PLSC 795 Thesis