Associate Professor

Department of Political Science
Department of Political Science
405E Humanities and Social Science Building
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, PA 15705-1069

724-357-2290 (phone)
724-357-3810 (fax)

Courses Taught

PLSC300 / 500 - Research Methods (writing intensive): An examination of the application of the scientific approach to the investigation of social and political phenomena. Concentrates on approaches, methods, and computer tools. All political science majors/minors are strongly urged to enroll.

PLSC350 / 550 - The Presidency (writing intensive): Examination of the Office of President, with attention to constitutional foundations, evolution, structure, powers, and functions; some comparisons between presidential and parliamentary systems and between offices of President and governor.

PLSC355 / 555 - Intergovernmental Relations (writing intensive): Explores characteristics of federal systems of government, with emphasis on theories, origins, institutions, problems in intergovernmental relations in the United States, federal systems in other nations, and trends.

PLSC666 - Public Policy Analysis: Examines public policy using analytical tools and policy models. Considered within this framework are values and resources, the cultural-political environment, the policymaking process, and evaluation methods and their application to major policy areas.

PLSC671 - Seminar in Public Administration: Intensive study of role of agencies and their administrators in determining and developing public policy. Public administration in practice is emphasized by utilizing case studies.

Areas of Specialization

Public policy (American domestic), public administration, and recently electoral behavior and third party identification

Special Projects

Chaos theory in application to policy/electoral behavior, and public administration (particularly organizational behavior and decision-making)