7 Ways To Get The Most Out of The IUP's Law Fair

  1. Meet the Reps
    • Introduce yourself to the admissions officials who have come to talk to you!
  2. Come Prepared With Questions
    • Before coming to the Law Fair, think about what aspects of a legal education are most important to you. Examples of the types of things you might want to consider include: (1) Average class size and faculty to student ratio; (2) whether you want to live in an urban or a rural area; (3) what size school most appeals to you, i.e., the resources and diversity of faculty and students that is more typical of large schools, or the more informal approach and closer relationships you're likely to form at a small school; (4) what type of internships, externships, and legal clinics does the school offer; (5) are there opportunities for international study; (5) cost; (6) does the school offer loan repayment programs for grads taking low-income service jobs; (7) does the program offer interdisciplinary opportunities (such as the option of getting a joint J.D./M.A. or J.D./Ph.d; (7) if you're thinking about going part time, does the school offer part-time programs; (8) what type of job placement services does the school provide. You can also ask if they can provide the email addresses of current students that you could contact. Students will give you the "real" scoop about a school, and tell it like it is.
  3. Take Home Information From Several Law Schools
    • Every admissions rep at the Law Fair will have a wealth of pamphlets chock full of information about their programs, about what sets their school apart from the rest, and about what they're looking for in applicants. Be sure to gather printed information from a variety of schools so that you can later carefully consider your options.
  4. Learn About Internships
    • Did you know you can earn credits through an internship? Depending on the number of hours worked, students can earn between 3 and 12 credits through an internship (up to six credits of which can be counted toward the student's major; credits beyond 6 are counted as free electives). Internships serve several functions, including: offering students a chance to see the legal profession from the inside, to get an idea if that's the type of career they want to pursue; provide the student with an excellent entry for their resume; and give the student something that sets them apart on law school applications. At the Law Fair, there will be an internship information table with printed materials, and staffed by current IUP students who have completed or are currently serving internships.
  5. Talk With Other Pre-Law Students
    • While you're at the Law Fair, take the time to stop and chat with other students you find there. Chances are, they're also interested in law school, and you can learn from each other's experiences and insights.
  6. Join The Pre-Law Society
    • The Pre-Law Society is a student-run organization that helps students find out more about legal careers and what it takes to get into law school. Ask for the handout that provides more info.
  7. Get Info About Phi Alpha Delta
    • IUP has a pre-law chapter of the Phi Alpha Delta Law International Fraternity. Membership in Phi Alpha Delta gives you tremendous opportunities for networking with law students and legal professionals, and also provides many important resources for its members. Be sure to get an application today!