Rules of the Rails

  • Rules for Everyone
    Railroad tracks are private property. Stay off of them. Never hop into or on moving railroad cars of any kind at any speed. Never enter train tunnels or play on bridges. Never walk between stopped railroad cars. Never throw
    Basic Train Safety Rules for Pedestrians
    Do not walk on or beside the tracks. A typical freight train traveling at 55 mph can take up to a mile to stop. Unless you are at a public crossing, walking on or beside railroad tracks IS TRESSPASSING.
    Basic Rules for Railroad Crossing
    Always watch for railroad signs and signals. Only cross the tracks at marked public crossings. Always listen for train whistles and bells.
    Basic Rules for Bicyclists
    NEVER try to beat a train to a crossing, especially on a bicycle. Always expect a train when approaching a railroad crossing. Always look for pavement signs, crossbuck signs, gates, flashing lights, and other indications of railroad crossings. Always
    Basic Rules for Motorists
    Never race a train to the crossing. If you become trapped on the rails, abandon your car immediately and call 9 1 1 or the number posted on the rail crossing sign. Make sure that you know and understand rail