Graduate Physics Faculty

  • A professor talks with a student in a physics lab

    RESEARCHERS WHO TEACH YOUR CLASSES — With small class sizes, you’ll get to know your professors and can talk with them about their research. One area of research for Abdul J. Haija (right) is the effective medium approximation employing the Characteristic Matrix Technique (CMT) for ultrathin multilayer structures.

    Practical applications of physics, real-world experience

    Our physics faculty live not only in the lab, but in the world. Are you a creator, a visionary, or a leader? IUP faculty are all of the above. Their guidance, insights, and real-world experience will move you closer to achieving your biggest dreams.

    • Brainstorm with professors who have developed products or conducted research that has led to groundbreaking innovation. Research is a key ingredient of the IUP experience. Exploit it.
    • Our versatile faculty is also engaged in IUP’s new commitment to expanding experimental and theoretical research on campus.