Minor in Philosophy

Student studying along a wall on campus HIGHER THINKING MOVES YOU UP- A minor in philosophy can give you a competitive edge in any field that requires analytical thinking, such as economics, teaching, criminology, and psychology.

Make Your Minor Work For You

As a minor, philosophy has much to offer in helping individuals of various backgrounds better understand the fundamental assumptions of their disciplines. For that reason, the minor in philosophy can be tailored to meet individual student needs or interests.

Selection of courses will be accomplished through discussions with and approval of the department advisor. Students must expect careful planning in any program approved. For further explanation and suggestions, consult the department advisor.

Controlled Electives

Six PHIL courses (with restrictions), 18 cr

No more than three 100-200-level courses may be counted toward the minor. Only PHIL courses may be counted toward the minor. Unless otherwise indicated in the course descriptions, all 300-400-level courses require either philosophy major or minor status, junior or senior standing, or permission of the instructor.

No more than three non-classwork credits may be counted toward the minor. Non-classwork credits include independent study, independent honors project, and internship in philosophy.