What You Can Do with Your Philosophy Degree

  • Christian Minich, alumnus, now a data analyst

    THINK BIG. GO FAR - Christian Minich ’12 double-majored in philosophy and economics and is now a clinical data analyst for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “I’m a problem solver. A lot of philosophy, like a lot of economics, is about solving problems. It prepared me for what I do today.”

    Growing Demand Brings Rich Rewards to Philosophy Graduates

    Statistics reveal that a philosophy degree gives you a competitive edge when seeking a good job.

    Why? Your undergraduate major attracts employers who rely on critical thinking, communication, and an ability to think clearly about ethical matters. Your agile mind and problem-solving ability also make you a natural leader and valued team member. This may be why the Wall Street Journal has reported that the mid-career average salary for professionals with your skill set is approximately $81,000—the seventh-highest mid-career average salary of all majors available at IUP. For more information, please see, "Why study philosophy?"

    Alumni — Careers, Advanced Degrees

    Read about some of our philosophy alumni now in graduate school and pursuing careers.


    With a bachelor's degree in Philosophy, your employment choices will be plentiful. Consider the broad range of career successes enjoyed by IUP alumni:

    • College professor
    • Attorney
    • Information technology expert
    • Federal Reserve analyst
    • B2B account manager
    • U.S. Army officer
    • Health industry professional
    • Web developer
    • Consulting firm executive
    • Public agency employee
    • Social worker
    • Property development agent
    • Financial analyst
    • Human resources manager

    Path to higher degrees

    With a philosophy degree from IUP, you can pursue many different higher degrees. The following are some of the more common ones:

    • Juris Doctor (Law degree)
    • MA in Philosophy
    • PhD in Philosophy