About Our Undergraduate Philosophy Faculty

  • Philosophy professor Dr. Mary MacLeod teaches a class

    FACULTY EXPERTISE - Students come first with our faculty, who are well published in the field and pursue a variety of topics. Professor Mary MacLeod, teaching a class above, is currently defending an interpretation of Kant’s mature moral philosophy that connects his views on ethics with his views on mathematics in novel ways.

    Thought-Provoking, Engaged, and Committed

    Our faculty members are a dedicated group of scholar-teachers with doctoral degrees in their areas of expertise. The research and teaching interests of our faculty span virtually every area of philosophy.

    • The relatively small department gives you ample opportunity to enlist the help of our professors.
    • Our professors remain actively involved in new research that will enrich your grasp of class studies and career goals.
    • Winning letters of recommendation are the hallmark of faculty assistance. Plan to succeed in your quest for higher learning.
    • Our faculty is made up of professors with diverse passions for philosophical disciplines, thus giving students direct access to a compelling range of thought.

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