Bradley Rives

  • Bradley RivesProfessor of Philosophy

    Office: HSS 505J


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    PhD, University of Maryland at College Park, 2005

    BA, Illinois Wesleyan University, 1999


    PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy

    PHIL 101 Critical Thinking 

    PHIL 122 Contemporary Moral Issues

    PHIL 360 Philosophy of Mind

    PHIL 390 Philosophy of Human Nature

    PHIL 420 Metaphysics

    PHIL 460 Philosophy of Language

    HNRC 101, 201 Honors College Core

    Professional Interests

    Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics

    Select Publications

    "Concepts and Analytic Intuitions." Analytic Philosophy (2016) 57: 285-314.

    "Which Are the Genuine Properties?" Metaphilosophy (2015) 46: 104-126. 

    "Concept Cartesianism, Concept Pragmatism, and Frege Cases." Philosophical Studies (2009) 144: 211-238.

    "Why Dispositions are (Still) Distinct from their Bases and Causally Impotent." American Philosophical Quarterly (2005) 42: 19-31.

    Select Presentations

    “Can the Analytic Data Be Explained Away?” American Philosophical Association, Central Division, February 2009.

    “Informational Atomism and Frege Cases.” Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology, April 2007.

    “An Empirical Defense of Recognitional Concepts.” American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, March 2006.