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Reserved Spaces, Section 11.0

  • 11.1 The following spaces will be reserved at all times: 

    1. Ten spaces in Elkin for  Biology Department vans, four for  Geoscience Department vans.
    2. One space at each residence hall for the residence hall director and/or residence coordinators. If a second vehicle is required by a resident life staff member, a second staff permit will be issued with the understanding that the second will be parked in a parking area approved by the University Parking Services.
    3. Two spaces for the president.
    4. Six spaces for driver education cars.
    5. Five spaces for  University Police patrol cars and two Parking Services cars.
    6. Handicapped parking spaces are reserved in accordance with ADA to meet the needs of the people with disabilities using university facilities. These reserved spaces will be marked by a handicapped sign and will be enforced hourly. Only vehicles bearing handicapped or disabled-veteran registration, handicapped placard, or a temporary handicapped permit will be permitted to park in handicapped spaces.
    7. One space for the IT vehicle.
    8. One space for the Health Service vehicle.
    9. Maintenance vehicles spaces designated by the PARB upon request and approval. See section 3.5.N. The following are approved:
      1. South Drive near Clark
      2. Service area of the  Eberly College of Business building
      3. Southwest corner of Fisher Auditorium
      4. Davis/Foster Dock
    10. In front of the Robertshaw building, eight spaces for state vehicles.
    11. Twenty-five spaces for president’s executive staff.