Transition to College Life

  • Parents assist students with move-in to Delaney Hall

    Going to college is quite an adjustment—for students and their parents.

    The following information can help you understand what you and your child are going through and how you can help, prepare, and support your child along the way.

  • Staying Involved
    Here are some ways you can stay involved in your college student’s life.
    Resources for Parents of College Students
    Some books that have helped other parents deal with their children’s transition to college
    Help for the Homesick
    Let your student know he or she is in your thoughts by following these tips.
    What to Bring to Campus
    From sheets to study lamps—know what students should bring to campus.
    What They Should Know Before They Go
    What students need to know to stay healthy, do well in school, and enjoy their time in college
    First-Year Issues
    Find out some typical issues students face during their first year of college.