John Mulroy

  • John MulroyJohn Mulroy is a board-certified safety professional who joined the faculty at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2013. He is the program director for the federally-mandated Pennsylvania OSHA Consultation program. Mulroy holds a BA in English and a BS in Safety Sciences from IUP. He obtained a Master of Environmental Management from Duquesne University’s Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Science. He is pursuing his doctoral degree in Safety Sciences.

    Mulroy has served as a full-time faculty member in Safety Sciences, teaching:

    • Principles of Industrial Safety I - General Industry
    • Principles of Industrial Safety II - Construction
    • Hazardous Materials and Emergency Response
    • Industrial and Environmental Stressors
    • Air and Water Pollution Control
    • Principles of Safety Management II

    Before coming to IUP, Mulroy served as a staff-level safety professional at one of the largest coal-fired power generating stations in the mid-Atlantic region, operated by NRG Energy and Edison Mission Energy. He also served as a health and safety professional and quality assurance engineer for Westinghouse Electric and Curtiss-Wright Flow Control, a sole supplier of US Navy nuclear propulsion and commercial nuclear power generation systems in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.