Spanish ACE Credit Procedure

  • Procedure for Applying for ACTFL OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) and ACE (American Council on Education) Credit Recommendation: 

    Spanish at IUP

    Incoming students at IUP may receive course credit for their oral proficiency levels in Spanish through the American Council on Education (ACE) Credit Recommendation Service and Language Testing International (LTI), the assessment agency for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). See the current Undergraduate Catalog (Department of Foreign Languages/Spanish) for a list of the proficiency ratings, corresponding ACE credit recommendations, and IUP course credits in Spanish.

    Students who have taken an ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) through LTI, received a proficiency rating by LTI, and received credit recommendation by ACE may receive the following course credits in Spanish at IUP:

    ACTFL Oral Proficiency Ratings (rated by LTI) ACE Credit Recommendations IUP Spanish Course Equivalencies
    Intermediate-Mid 4 Lower Division credits Either SPAN 102 or 201, depending on placement on departmental written exam
    Intermediate High/Advanced Low 8 Lower Division credits SPAN 201 and SPAN 220
    Advanced Mid 10 Lower Division credits SPAN 201 and SPAN 220 and SPAN 350
    Advanced High/Superior 10 Lower Division credits and 2 Upper Division credits SPAN 201 and SPAN 220 and SPAN 350 and SPAN 450

     (This chart also appears in the Undergraduate Catalog under Department of Foreign Languages/Spanish.)

    Note: To maximize the benefit of these credits, students must complete all steps prior to completing their first Spanish course at IUP (most commonly SPAN230).

    Steps to Follow

    1. Incoming students who think they may qualify to receive course credit for their oral proficiency level should first arrange for a meeting with Marjorie Zambrano-Paff (, Department of Foreign Languages, IUP. Based on an informal oral proficiency interview (OPI), Zambrano-Paff will advise the student as to whether he or she appears to be qualified to further pursue these credits. Please include your student number, current or planned major, and a brief description of your language background in your message.

      Note: The current fee for the official ACTFL OPI is $139.00 and the current ACE transcript fee is $20. Prices are subject to change. *

    2. If advised to proceed, the student should schedule a meeting with Christine Huhn ( in the Department of Foreign Languages to officially be confirmed as pursuing ACE credits.
    3. Once you have met with Huhn, complete the OPI application by accessing the following link on the LTI Registration/Test Candidate site.
      • Returning users: please sign in
      • New users: please register online/sign up
    4. Sign in to Test Candidate Site.
      1. If you have already applied for testing and would like to request for ACE credit:
        • On the main page, select Request ACE Credit Registration or Transmittal of an ACTFL Rating to  ACE and proceed with process.
      2. If you have not yet applied for testing:
        • On the main page, select Apply for an ACTFL Test.
        • Select appropriate category/school and proceed with application process.
        • On the application form under “Additional Services” you will have the option to request for ACE Registration and Transcript.

    First request of ACE Credit Recommendation for OPI is $75. Any second request thereafter for ACE Credit Recommendation for OPI is $40 each.

    What Happens Next

    This procedure will enable the student to schedule the OPI and will enable LTI to register the student with ACE. When LTI receives a final OPI rating, ACE will be notified and they will send the student a transcript with credit recommendations according to the level she or he achieved on the test. The student should present the transcript to the IUP Office of Transfer Services, and credit will be granted according to the policy outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and present the transcript so the credit can be applied.

    *This is an inexpensive way for students to earn credits for the Spanish they have already acquired prior to enrolling at IUP.

    Updated 4/17/2019