Arrival Procedures for Northpointe Orientations

  • Northpointe Orientations: May 15, June 12, July 10, July 31, August 17

    If you have enrolled for Orientation appropriately, please review the following:

    In order to be prepared for your attendance at Orientation, look over the following information and the document Confirming Your Orientation. If you are unable to access the Web, call our office (724-357-4067 V/TD) for a mailing that will contain the information found on our website.

    Since IUP Orientation is mandatory, remember that enrollment in the program constitutes your being on the Northpointe campus and participating fully with the program. (Please note that there is no concurrent Northpointe parent program.) Do not plan to leave before the program ends at approximately 3:00 p.m.

    Your assignment to any exams, other than those taken by everyone (English, math, reading), will be listed on your letter. You will find information about the exams and any related sample exams on our website. There is no sample exam for the education readiness exam.

      Travel Directions

      If you have questions about the Orientation program, please e-mail us at (preferred) or call our office at 724-357-4067 (VOICE/TD) Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.​