IUP at Northpointe was a great way for Tyler Lutensky to begin college, his dad, Mark, said.

One of the main reasons Mark feels that way is that, on the Northpointe campus, students can always find the help they need. Attentive staff and personal attention from professors are two of the major things that contribute to a successful atmosphere, Mark thinks. "The staff is very friendly and easy to work with," he said, "and smaller class size leads to one-on-one attention."

Mark and Tyler LutnyskyA resident of Sarver, Pa., Tyler is undeclared in his major, but is considering concentrating on computer science. Mark believes the good start Northpointe is offering Tyler will allow him to meet his ultimate goal of an enjoyable and fulfilling career after college.

"Tyler was able to ease into college life while living at home," Mark said. "The smaller setting lead to a more comfortable start to college for Tyler. Northpointe is close to home with a friendly environment and a staff willing to do extra to contribute to your academic success. This is a good intro to college life, without some of the pressures or apprehension of leaving home."