My daughter, Hannah, has big dreams of moving to New York City to work at a major printing company, and we're counting on IUP at Northpointe to help springboard her there.

Greg Hohl and Hannah FaresterI think attending a branch campus is a better way of beginning her road to a degree. By learning on a smaller campus, I believe her experience will hold less distraction than main campus, as a new student. Therefore, she'll have the ability to better focus on her classes and schoolwork.

Another one of the best things about Northpointe being a regional branch campus is that, in my opinion, the smaller ratio of students to professors creates a better learning environment.

Hannah, a Journalism major from Kittanning, enjoys the home-like environment at Northpointe and finds the smaller campus to be less stressful. One of the highlights for her at this campus has been going with her Biology class to the Crooked Creek Environmental Learning Center for her labs. There, she and her peers are able to have a first-hand experience in their studies.

Her attending the Northpointe campus also helped our family in terms of lower tuition costs and was very convenient for her in terms of proximity to our home. And I like that it's situated in a safe, rural area.

Greg Hohl