Get My Story: Kim

Get My Story: Kim

An aspiring English teacher, Kim Skarns keeps a busy schedule by choice.

Now that she is a student on IUP's main campus, she is a member of the student alumni association IUP Ambassadors, vice president of the English Club, and a member of the National Council of Teachers of English. She also has been awarded the Superior Academic Achievement Award from the English Department and an Outstanding Academic Achievement Award from Phi Kappa Phi.

To get there, Kim said her experience at IUP at Northpointe gave her a great start.

"The campus is small and intimate. The classes were all with the same people, so it was easy to form study sessions and make friends. It was conveniently only forty-five minutes from my home, so I was able to work while going to school and living at home the first year," said Kim, a Pittsburgh resident. "It was also a nice transition from high school to college, because the classes only had about thirty people. I was able to get my Liberal Studies credits done and out of the way.

Having a good relationship with her professors is important to Kim. As part of her work with the English Club, Kim has established a close relationship with the club's advisor, Dr. Gian Pagnucci. Favorite faculty members at Northpointe included her English professor, Dr. Ronald Smits, and her Biology professor, Dr. Holly Travis.

"The professors were all inspiring, and you could tell that they loved what they were doing.

"Overall, I am very pleased with my experience at Northpointe. I learned a lot and was able to focus clearly and feel comfortable in the learning environment."