Get My Story: Justine

Get My Story: Justine

Justine Woytowish has options.

The Kittanning resident and Communications Media major is considering graduate school but hasn't yet made a decision.

"If I do not go to grad school right away, I want to find a job in my field and then maybe go back after paying off some of my student loans," said the Kittanning resident. "I someday wish to work in the music industry in one way or another. I am really focusing on audio and photography right now, but I'm also interested in public relations and advertising."

While she now is fully engaged in campus life at IUP's main campusworking as a photographer for the student newspaperJustine realized she had options before she enrolled at IUP by starting her college career at IUP at Northpointe.

"Northpointe was convenient for me, located ten minutes from my home. It saved me a large amount of money my freshman year," she said. "Most of the same people were in my classes, and I became pretty close to a few of them. When we all transferred to the main campus, we made it a point to get together and have lunch."

Moving away from home right after high school isn't for everyone. Justine said attending Northpointe her first year made for a smooth transition from high school to college.

"At Northpointe, you have a step up from high school but not the huge change in moving away from home," she said. "I took most of my [required] Liberal Studies classes at Northpointe and got them out of the way from when I transferred to the main campus. This gave me a lot more time to devote to my own major specificallyand I realized this helped me greatly."