Northpointe Open House

  • IUP at Northpointe next virtual one-on-one open house will be held on Thursday, July 23, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    IUP Northpointe Virtual Open House gives you the opportunity to get:

    • Personalized information and guidance
    • Overview of academic possibilities
    • Review of tuition, fees, and funding opportunities
    • A campus tour
    • Have all your questions answered

    Register now to set up an individual, virtual appointment with Donna Purtell. 

    At our IUP Northpointe campus, you become part of one of the largest, most comprehensive universities in Pennsylvania—but at your own pace and in your own neighborhood.

    Additional Open House dates:

    • August 4

    Discover what IUP at Northpointe has to offer:

    Discovery Day Postcard


    Thanks to a 20-percent reduction in tuition for students who spend up to their first two years (effective fall 2018) at IUP Northpointe, plus regional scholarship opportunities, starting your college career at IUP is even more affordable. Our courses are taught by IUP faculty members and transfer to the IUP main campus, so you know the courses you take will count toward your college degree. Community colleges may be equally or more affordable, but generally don’t offer the same guarantees.


    At Northpointe, your professors are IUP faculty members. Most teach both at the IUP main campus and at Northpointe. Class sizes are small, so professors will know you by name and provide individual attention as needed. And, by getting your start at Northpointe, you’re starting an IUP program—there are more than 140 majors to choose from.


    Northpointe allows you to live at home and go to IUP. Our students have said that living at home their first year helped to ease their transition to college life—allowing them to focus on schoolwork rather than their new surroundings.

    An easy commute from Pittsburgh, the campus is just off Route 28 in Freeport, Pennsylvania (see directions to Northpointe). You can maintain a flexible schedule with our Monday through Thursday classes. And, as a commuter campus, we have plenty of space in our large parking lot—no permit required.


    At Northpointe, you can choose from more than 140 majors. You’ll take your first year of classes here and finish your degree at the IUP main campus. There are also degrees you can complete right here at Northpointe—associate degrees in General Studies and bachelor degrees in Management or Marketing.

    Now is the Time to Apply

    You’re also welcome to apply online anytime and have your transcript sent to the IUP Admissions office. If you are a high school graduate, or you have a GED, your application will be accepted at Northpointe.