Online Math Tutoring Instructions

  • Please follow the instructions below to schedule an online math tutoring appointment.


    • Visit IUP Math Tutoring to schedule a meeting with an online tutor.
    • Using only your IUP e-mail address, select Online Math Tutoring. From here, follow the prompts to schedule your appointment.
    • Please schedule your session at least 6 hours in advance.

    Logging in

    • You will be sent an invitation link to start the web-tutor session. Check your IUP e-mail for this link. There is a good chance this link will end up in your junk mail.
    • It is possible to navigate to WebEx and click “Join” if you know your meeting number.
    • Enter a display name and your e-mail address, and then click "Join as Guest."

    Other important information

    • If this is the first time you are logging in on your computer, WebEx will require you to download the Cisco WebEx Add-On to continue. “Save, Open, and Run” the Cisco WebEx Add-On.exe file. If this step does not work, continue to the next step.
    • There is also an option to run a temporary application for those who do not want (or are unable) to install the add-on. This will be the preferred method when using computers on which you do not have administrative rights.
    • If you experience difficulty with Internet Explorer, try another browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.
    • If you experience any other difficulties, view the troubleshooting section below.
    • When the session is over, click "Leave Meeting" under the "Quick Start" Tab, or the tutor can end the session for both of you.


    Unable to install plug-in

    • This issue was experienced when using Internet Explorer. Try an alternative browser such as "Firefox" or "Chrome".

    No Audio

    • Make sure headphones or microphone are plugged in and in good condition. 
    • Make sure volume is not muted.
    • Perform "Test Computer Audio" within WebEx
      • 'Audio' then 'Audio Connection'
      • Within 'Audio Connection', used the link titled 'Test Computer Audio'

    No Video

    • Make sure camera is enabled.
    • Make sure nothing is blocking the lense of the camera. (School computers have a built in slider cap)

    Features within WebEx


    • You can annotate your work on the screen, (both host and guest will be able to view this)
    • Annotations can be saved.
    • Keep in mind that closing the annotations to do anything else will erase all annotations.

    Share Screen

    • This will display whatever shows up on your screen to both the presenter and the guest. (Keep this in mind)


    • You can enable the video feeds so that the other party is able to see you, or this can be left disabled.


    • It is highly recommended that you enable audio, otherwise communications between parties will be difficult.