Computer Account Access

  • Northpointe students experiencing problems using/accessing their computer account, MyIUP, Moodle, etc., are highly encouraged to seek help from Mr. William Daugherty in the campus library. He has vast experience helping students overcome computer difficulties. Sometimes an error message may instruct a student to go to an office on the main campus for help.

    Please save yourself the trip by seeking help on the Northpointe campus.

    Steps for Logging into MyIUP

    1. Access the MyIUP website.
    2. Select “Log in to secure area.”
    3. When asked to enter your User ID, enter your Student ID number (located above your picture on your I-Card). Be sure to include the @ symbol. This is your student ID number, which you will use throughout your collegiate career at IUP. Please keep this number with your records.
    4. When asked to enter your PIN, enter the temporary PIN for your initial login to MyIUP. Since this is the first time you have logged into MyIUP, you will be prompted to create a new PIN. As you choose this PIN, please create a personalized eight-character PIN that only you will know. Protect this PIN as you would a bank debit card PIN. You will use this number to access MyIUP in order to register for classes, check your financial aid status, student account billing information, and other various items.
    5. You will be taken to a login verification question screen. This page helps you create a login verification question and answer that you may use later to reset your PIN if you do not remember it.
    6. If you ever lock yourself out of MyIUP after three failed attempts to log in, please come to the Northpointe main office for assistance.

    Accessing Your IUP E-mail Account

    1. While still logged into MyIUP, select the “Personal Information” tab on the top of the screen.
    2. Select “Display Your IUP Computer Account Information for Students.”
    3. This will take you to a webpage containing a table with all of your account information listed. Print this screen or copy this information. When you have recorded this information, select the Exit option at the top of the form. This will allow you to exit from MyIUP.
    4. Then go to imail to access IUP’s web-based e-mail client.
    5. Enter your four-letter username and initial password from the information you recorded above from MyIUP.
    6. It is recommended that you select the Settings button and change your password. Again, it is extremely important that you remember your password.
    7. Select the “Folders” button and then the “Inbox” to check your mail.
    8. Check your e-mail frequently, as this is recognized as the primary method of communication within the university.