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Conference and Facilities Rentals

  • Consider holding your next regional meeting or conference on IUP’s Northpointe campus.

    Advantages Include:

    • Location: Immediately off Route 28 at Exit 18. The campus is forty-five minutes from Indiana, Butler, and Pittsburgh (thirty minutes from the turnpike) and has ample parking.
    • Technology: The campus provides the latest technology in the classrooms, including projectors, document cameras, DVD/VCR players, sympodiums (computer annotators), etc. In addition, IUP employees can log onto their computer accounts just as though they are on the main campus.
    • Advanced Technology: The campus is completely wireless and is accessed the same as connecting on the main campus. The campus also has a videoconferencing classroom, allowing the group to communicate to another location.
    • Availability: The Northpointe campus does not hold Friday classes. Therefore, virtually the entire campus can be reserved for your Friday event.

    Common Area

    • Sixty to seventy-five people

    Conference Room

    • Sixteen people

    Room 115

    • Thirty-four computer stations

    Room 119

    • Twenty-two computer stations

    Room 131

    • Forty people

    Room 132

    • Forty to fifty people

    Room 122

    • Seventy-five people

    Room 129

    • Eighty to one hundred people, or can be divided into two forty-seat rooms

    If you are interested in holding your next meeting/conference on the IUP at Northpointe campus, please visit the IUP at Northpointe website or call 724-294-3300.

    Rooms and layout of IUP at Northpointe (PDF)