Doctoral Students Win International Award for Video Game

Posted on 6/23/2010 8:10:56 PM

Six Communications Media and Instructional Technology doctoral students have won an international award for their educational video game, Planet in Peril.

U.K.-based Capsian Learning, creator of the 3D authoring tool Thinking Worlds, announced the students’ game to be the winner of it’s Serious Games Challenge. The company challenged Thinking Worlds users to ceate the most innovative serious game in just thirty days.

The team of IUP students, led by Ryan L. Sittler, included Chad Sherman and David P. Keppel as the other lead designers (handling the majority of game production) and Dana Covitz Hackley, Chrissy Schaeffer, and Laurie Grosik assisting with preproduction and documenting the process for a potential future publication.

The game, which is currently in a beta release, follows the story of a student who uncovers the secret of a group of aliens, disguised as academics, at his university campus. The aliens have prophesied the end of the world, due to a student’s excessive plagiarism, and it’s up to the hero to put the pieces of this puzzle together in order to prevent disaster. While working through the challenges, players learn about what is and what is not plagiarism, including ways to avoid it. The game is targeted at the college and university level, but has application for high school students. The final version of the game will be released in the fall.

Read the full press release regarding the winning game and Caspian Learning.