Students Honored at Student Affairs in Higher Education 2019 Commencement

Posted on 5/17/2019 1:20:40 PM

Four graduating students from the Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education were honored for exceptional accomplishments and contributions as part of the department’s commencement 2019 activities.

Rob Leibel and Danielle Richardson received Outstanding Scholar Awards for academic achievement and ability to enhance the learning environment for their colleagues.

Katie Byers received the S. Trevor Hadley Outstanding Student Award for her academic accomplishments and significant service to the campus community.

Awards were presented at the SAHE annual banquet on Wednesday, May 8.

Kevin Crawford was chosen to deliver the student address at the SAHE commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 11. SAHE students and faculty selected Kevin on the basis of his excellent speaking skills and his ability to speak on behalf of the 2019 graduating class.

The Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education students, faculty, and alumni are proud of and congratulate all of our graduates and award honorees!

SAHE Class of 2019